Giuseppe Lotito Bio



Dancer, writer, choreographer, 

he initially trained with two italian classical dance masters Luciana Novaro (teatro La Scala di Milano) and Virgilio Pitzalis (New York). At the same time he studied music theory and guitar, with Gigi Cifarelli, and violoncello with maestro Simone Groppo.

Suddenly he turned to practising martial arts like Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Mon, meanwhile gaining a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and creates a center for the study of this Olympic sport calling it "Olympic Dojang" and teaching in Italy and Switzerland. Last but not least, is his study of the Japanese sword, which becomes the result of all his study of the martial arts.

After an interval of 7 years during which he studied the Gurdjieff "Sacred Dances" and studied with the Whirling Dervishes from Cyprus directed by a religious eminence known as Maulana Nazim Sheyk, he stopped his activities to release the publication of his first novel.

In 1999 Giuseppe accidentally discovers the Argentine Tango and falls in love with it, seeing in it movements and codes that have similarities and syncretism with the arts  that he had studied so far. He studied extensively with leading teachers directly in Buenos Aires, staying in the South American cities for long periods over a number of visits.


After all this experimental roaming, he could not help but come up with a fantastic idea: to devise a combat martial dance full of codes, tango and contemporary dance but also with an Eastern sacredness that has always fascinated him.


He calls it Taitango and starts a daily study interrelated with a period of research lasting ten years.
He now offers this discipline in various schools both in Italy and abroad (from Israel to Europe until Morocco) with the aim of educating the soul, mind and body with the purpose of dancing both alone or in pairs in the most magical of sensory experiences.


He has participated in many international festivals such as Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Verona, Milan and has also taught all over the world from Kyrgyzstan in the east to Buenos Aires in the west.


December 2019: Casablanca MOROCO, 1st Stage for every level Tango Classic and Nuevo Style with MONA ZOUAOUI

June 2019: Grosseto, Italy - 1st Azzurrotango Italian Tango Festival with the best couples in Italy.


May 2019: Lazise, Garda - Tango Emotion XII° festival, with Hala Kfoury 

January 2019: Beirut, Lebanon - II° Enjoy Tango Nuevo, Tango workshop with Hala Kfoury

November 2018: Chisinau, Moldova, Festival Noches de Buenos Aires with Mariana Bularga, Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones, Esteban Gambarotto & Silvia Sollano

October 2018: Beirut, Lebanon, I° Enjoy Tango Nuevo - Introductive Workshop with Hala Kfoury 

August 2018: Tangolab XI edition, Maratea

May 2018: Catania, Italy, Operita by Astor Piazzolla "Maria de Buenos Aires" director Salvo Piro. With Mimma Mercurio. 

May 2018: Antalya, Turkey, Seminar about Tango Nuevo, Shiva Tango Sezon Kapanış Workshopları. With Mariana Bularga. 


April 2018: Festival Internazionale Tango Emotion X edition, international artist like S. Arce, M. Montes, Joe Corbata & Lucilla Cionci, and artist from all around the world.

January 2018: L'Uomorotante in scena a Roma, Milano, Trento di cui è autore e coreografo.


November 2017: 2nd Edition Noche de Buenos Aires, International Festiva in Chisinau, with Mariana Bularga, Esteban Gambarotto, Silvia Sollano and Neri Piliu, Yanina Quinones

September 2017 - New Opening of Tango Argentino school: TANGOMANIA, Chisinau, Moldavia

August 2017: Workshop - Tango Nuevo - Odessa, Ukraine, with Mariana Bularga 

May 2017: Festival Internazionale Tango Emotion X edition, con artisti internazionali come S. Arce, M. Montes, J. Rodriguez, A. Hobert, A. Veredice.


May 2017: Workshop - Secrets of Tango, Chisinau, Moldova, with Mariana Bularga

April 2017: Casablanca, Rabat, Morocco, Misa Tango di Martin Palmieri - Concerto e spettacolo in coppia con Geraldine Giudicelli (Marseille, France)

October 2016: Chisinau, Moldavia, Tai&Tango Experience - Workshop Tango Nova School

July 2016: Bastia, France, Festival International de Tango de Borgo with Sebastian Nieva and Celeste Rey


October 2015: III OKTOBER PEST TANGO FEST Budapest with Vaggelis Hatzopoulos and Mariana Koutandou


July 2015: Santander, Spain, with couples from Israel, Germany, Argentina and Spain a "holiday-festival" paired with Laura Borromeo. Ronen Khayat, Maya Schwartz, Diego Romero and Mirari Erbiti


March 2015: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Taitango seminar and exhibition choreographed the "Confiteria La Ideal" with Cristina Scimè - under the C.I.T.A. Tango annual congress largest in the country with Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz


November 2014: Rabat, Skhirat, Casablanca (Morocco) Tango workshop with Geraldine Casha


August 2014: Tangolab 2014 9th EDITION summer the most important laboratory / Tango holiday in Italy.


June 2014: Casablanca (Morocco) Seminar Intensive Taitango and Tango Argentino.


May 2014: Tango Intensive Seminar and Taitango in Tel Aviv (Israel) with Anka Kuehnel


May 2014: Tango Emotion 7, the seventh edition of the most important Argentine Tango festival with Italian couples invited the likes of Lucilla Cionci and Rodrigo Joe Corbata


January 2014: Tango Seminar and Taitango in Wien (Austria) with Betka Fislova


December 2013: Program in 4 weekly lessons for beginners / intermediate / advanced in Tel Aviv, Israel.


November 2013: Dance performance two Taitango and Tango Argentino on the theme of the Seminar

"Non Verbal Communication" for YPO at Hotel La Scala, Milano


July 2013: He teaches his style in a series of advanced lectures in Tel Aviv, Israel alongside Anka Kuhnel.


May 2013: Along with Cristina Scimè participates with lectures and exhibitions at the 6th Festival Tango Emotion Bologna. Argentine guests: Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert.


October 2012: participates with Cristina Scimè at the 

II Festival OKTOBER PEST TANGO FEST Budapest with Laszlo Budai and Andrea Pirity, Jhon Erban and Clarissa Sanchez.

As a teacher and competition judge for the second "International Tango de Salon Competition of the Festival”


July 2012: in Berlin, Germany, with Cecilia Gonzalez makes known the Taitango during the Queer Tango Festival.


June 2012: participates with Cristina Scimè and Eleanora Kalganova as a special guest and jury at the 4th International Tango Competition in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


May 2012: 5th International Festival of Tango Emotion Riccione which sees among visitors also Pablo Veron. 


November 2011: participates in the 1st AfghanisTango a tango nuevo workshops in Kabul, Afghanistan, organized by the international staff of various organizations in the capital.


2011: Tango show in collaboration with Pablo Garcia (Company Tango Por Dos).


January 2011: working together with one of the most important dancers of the international tango scene, Cecilia Gonzalez holding seminars in Milan and Naples.



Video Coreo


Video Tango Nuevo